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From Broken Windows RP
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Character Info
Played By ImmortalFaust
Gender Female
Age 27
Species Human
Origin Series OC
Arcs N/A, FG Character

Solace is a human witch who appears in the FG. She arrived at the room while traveling and decided on a whim to stay in the crossroads.

She is played by ImmortalFaust.

Pre-Room History

While not much is known about Solace's past, it is known that she is originally from Ukraine, spent some amount of time in England, and learned magic during her formative years from a street magician with more than a few tricks up his tan overcoat.

Wanting to change the world, she summoned and made a pact with a devil, wishing for her words to have power. The deal backfired and she found that her voice now compelled others to do what she said, to extreme lengths. Refusing to do any more damage, she chose to never speak again, and started traveling to avoid other people. At some point running with a wolf pack, she picked up a multitude of eccentricities during this time.

The FG

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