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Monika is the president of the Literature club and wants people to read books. Her life would change when she showed up in the room. One day, she received a book from a mage named Stryhos. When she opened it, she accidentally summoned Muramasa Sengo as her Servant. Over time, they bonded over the fact their respective worlds consider them fakes.

When the Room's dimension was devoured by hordes of Skaven, Monika seemingly vanished as their reality began to fall apart around them. Her current status is unknown.


  • Meta Awareness: She's aware of the fact that something's off about her world.


  • Muramasa SengoA mere Master-Servant relationship at first, until they realized they had something in common. Over time, they married each other.
  • Young Aichi Sendou: Invited Aichi into her club as a way of making him welcome.