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Welcome to the wiki for the Our Avatars Are in a Room roleplay group! We are a relatively sizable RP with two main roleplay threads: The Forum Game (FG) and Roleplay (RP) threads. The RP is more story oriented, while the FG is mainly for character interaction. We originated on TV Tropes as Our Avatars Are in a Room Together. Our backup forum can be found here.


The FG, short for Forum Game as the original OAAIART thread was located in that subforum of the TV Tropes Wiki, is the free-form, largely unstructured roleplay thread. Play there is generally focused more on character interaction, without a formal overarching plot beyond what the players themselves may produce. It can be found through this link.


Our Avatars Were In A Room Together: The RP, known as the RP for short (itself short for Roleplay as the thread is located in that subforum of the TV Tropes Wiki), is the structured, campaign session-style thread with a GM nominated for each arc who runs that particular campaign. It was spun off from the FG thread due to player demand for a more structured, plot-driven roleplay separate from the FG. It can be found through this link.

Current RP Arc: The Starlight Game
GM: Eldritchseer
Began: November 2019
Arc #: 28
Previous RP Arc: The Grand Tribunal Race!
GM: trip
Began: August 2019
Ended: November 2019
Arc #: 27